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My job is to help professionals to achieve their industrial goals whilst having adequate protection along the way.


Why Interior Design Helps

Often when I get a call from a potential client thinking about working with an Interior Designer, the first question is “how much?” While yes an Interior Designer comes with an expense, and to some, a seemingly high cost, there is huge value. The other question I am asked is, what exactly does an interior designer does? Or how does “this” work? The third most asked question I’m asked very specifically is what do I do as a designer? These are important questions when choosing your designer to ensure you’re choosing the right person for your needs as we all will work a bit differently.

How Much?

This depends on many factors, the extent of the service you need the designer and their credentials and experience and overall size of the project.
Some may just need a one time appointment to help them get a sense of direction, or validate their plans or idea’s. An appointment like this can cost anywhere from $150-$500.

If you’re looking for a design package with a physical design that may include a drawing, samples and swatches and a bit of follow up you can expect to spend $400-$4000 and up.

A larger design service where the designer is heavily involved in the planning and/implementation of the project. This on average will cost $2000-$5000 or 5-10% of the full project value plus materials.

This cost should be considered as an important part of the budget, just like your plumber or electrician. Working with a professional to help you plan and prioritize will save you money in the long run. The design is a key element in a contract with a General Contractor, it is a shopping list and a to-do list!

What does and Interior Designer do?

Interior design is an art and science. The purpose of a designer is to enhance the interior of a building to achieve a healthy and aesthetically pleasing area for the people using the space, and that also functions well for their lifestyle. The role of an interior designer is to research, design, and manage interior updates and renovations.

How does “this” work?

Every designer will have their own way of approaching design projects. I can only write about how I work. Every project is different and so I customize the service to fit the needs of each individual client, their project and their personal preferences..
You would want to have a conversation with the designer you are considering to test the waters, discuss your needs, and how they may be able to meet them and to see if you “click.” Some may offer a free consult, maybe in their office, maybe virtually, and some may come in home.

My Design Style;

I title myself as an Interior Design Consultant vs an Interior Designer. I have an Honours Interior Design Diploma and over 23 years of experience. I primarily offer consulting services to work with clients to help them through the design and planning stage which involves pulling together their ideas and offering advice and guidance to help them have a functional space with style.

What I do:

Support. The clients I tend to work with know what they want, they have lots of images catalogued of things they like, many ideas of their own, but need help pulling it all together into a cohesive and pleasing design, dialing it back or honing in on details and ideas that will have the biggest impact on the space and overall design.

Mediate! In many cases there is more than one decision maker for a project. As your designer, I help to ensure the final result doesn’t feel one-sided, both of your wish-lists are addressed and the end result is a blending of both your visions for the space.

Annoying voice of reason! Renovating can be very emotional, you’re trying to create a space you will LOVE! And you are spending a large sum of money to do so, so I am not just there for design, but to help you establish a reasonable budget and educate you on the cost of a project and help you prioritize and make wise choices to achieve your design goals.

Choosing to work with an Interior Designer should be a positive move. You may decide on a large firm with a team of specialized professionals, or a small solo designer. The important thing to know is that it will be someone coming into your home, maybe just once or twice, or maybe for several months, so you want to take the time to do your research to select the designer that best fits your budget, needs and personality.