For space planning, colour and decor, project planning, whether you just need some direction and ideas or a full breakdown with layout, drawings, what to buy, where to find it along with budget and timeline planned out, one of Simply Designs 3 consultation packages will satisfy your needs.

Kitchens & custom Cabinets design, supply & install;  Not only can I design your kitchen but also supply you with custom locally manufactured Canadian made cabinets.  With great colour selection, variety of cabinet options, accessories and trim, along with the ability to customize, the possibilities are endless.

Go to work and save your vacation days, carry on with your activities and get your kids to their games and clubs. Simply Design will make sure your renovation stays on track and on budget so you don't have to interrupt your routines.

We help renovators and contractors sell their projects and look professional! Let us create drawings for you to present to your clients, they will feel better about the work they are hiring you to do and you will have plans to use for quoting accurately. Plans and renderings display to your customers what their space will look like.