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A facelift for your home

You are ready to improve and personalize your home. Renovations are costly but sometimes you don’t need to fully renovate. In many instances a simple “facelift” and some minor changes are all you need which eliminates the need for a full scale renovation. Working with your interior designer, you can establish if a space needs to be fully renovated or if some easy fixes for the function and style will do the trick. There are many areas of the home that you can make simple changes to but in this article we will focus on three key areas that you can facelift.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


If you have an existing fireplace that works just fine, but it’s lacking the right details, looking a little outdated or you need to expand on what is there. There are so many things you can do with a fireplace to turn it into a focal point, which becomes the main feature of the room, or maybe it is not the central point of the space and you want to add details to it to complement the part of the room that is the main focus. Some simple things that can be done to improve the look of your fireplace are:

  • Changing the cladding.
  • Updating or adding a mantle. 
  • Creating more storage by incorporating storage around it. 
  • Choosing the right fresh new paint color.

There are many ways you can update a fireplace and to get idea’s you can look to the web for idea’s and inspiration, or work with a decorator or designer to help you pull together the right details to fit your style!


Bathrooms can be one of the most costly rooms in a home to renovate. We work with many clients who are happy with their tub and or shower, but everything around it needs help. Some examples of partial bathroom renos’ are:

  • New Vanity, top and faucet and accessories with a fresh coat of paint for the walls.
  • Replace floors and trim, paint walls and update accessories.
  • Just a new Vanity top, sink, faucet and mirror can do wonders for a space!

If there is no sign of deterioration, the floors feel nice and stable and everything is working just fine, you can get away with just doing a few updates within the space. Whatever the needs are for your bathroom to feel like a fresh new space, you can often be surprised to find that everything doesn’t have to go! 


The kitchen is the heart of most homes, we tend to spend the most time there and it is a space that to renovate will get very costly. You don’t always need to do a full kitchen renovation!  We work with clients from an update as simple as new countertops to partial remodels that involve a couple of cabinet modifications, countertops, painting, backsplash handles and lighting. If the bones are good, the general layout functions well but just not aligning with your style and/or are outdated, maybe a face-lift is right for you. Two key things to look at would be:

  • Are the cabinets in good structural condition?
  • Does the layout work and/or already set up in the best way possible for this space?

If you are unsure, working with an Interior designer or kitchen designer is a great way to determine if a “facelift” is the right way to update your kitchen. Doing a cosmetic update can be a less invasive and lower cost way to update your kitchen.

Whatever the room is you want to add some function and style to, working with a renovation team that is open to not putting everything into a dumpster is key to achieving your home updates without stretching your budget thin and by doing so you can save valuable time and money and reduce the amount of “stuff” ending up in a landfill. At Simply Design we welcome the opportunity to do just that!  When a seeks our help and wonders if we can just do a cosmetic “facelift” the answer is yes we can!