The Cost to Renovate, Part 1 – Now vs. Then. 

8 years ago, I bought 5000 tiny little rubber bumpers to have in stock for use as needed when installing Kitchen cabinets.  The cost of them worked out to around $0.02 each.  Today those same little bumpers cost about $0.07 each, almost quadruple what they cost 8 years ago. That kind of price increase isn’t […]

Downsizing and Design

The kids have moved out and suddenly the family home that served you for so many years seems rather empty.  You have decided to downsize. For many, this is something that can be intimidating.  Moving can be a hassle: the search for the right home to suit this new journey in your life, the work […]

My Story Part 3: Starting Over

Part 3 of 3: My Journey into Interior Design & Entrepreneurship It’s Feb 1, 2014. I am on a plane to the Dominican with my family to celebrate my daughters 16th birthday. And I am now jobless. What now?  What do I want to be when I grow up? After weeks of reflection and a […]

My Story Part 2: In Full Circle

Part 2 of 3: My Journey into Interior Design & Entrepreneurship S.K. Designs was in full force now &  I was working part-time in my dad’s shop, focusing on finding more custom clients.  A couple more regular clients were secured: CAD contracts with cabinet shops. I took up insurance underwriting, but that did not last!  […]