The Cost to Renovate, Part 3 – Deciding on a Budget.

How exciting! You are going to renovate. Whether it’s due to necessity, or just because you want to, it is an exciting process with an outcome that you should feel proud to show off once completed.  But it always comes down to the bottom line.  Two major questions I ask my clients when they are […]

The Cost to Renovate, Part 2 – How to Spend Less.

You have decided to renovate and have come to terms with the higher cost of living affecting the cost to renovate. So how can you save? Saving dollars should never be the goal, because it only puts focus on money. The focus should be about getting the best value…and spending your renovation dollars wisely. Homes […]

The Cost to Renovate, Part 1 – Now vs. Then. 

8 years ago, I bought 5000 tiny little rubber bumpers to have in stock for use as needed when installing Kitchen cabinets.  The cost of them worked out to around $0.02 each.  Today those same little bumpers cost about $0.07 each, almost quadruple what they cost 8 years ago. That kind of price increase isn’t […]