Why Interior Design Helps

Often when I get a call from a potential client thinking about working with an Interior Designer, the first question is “how much?” While yes an Interior Designer comes with an expense, and to some, a seemingly high cost, there is huge value. The other question I am asked is, what exactly does an interior […]

Renovations and COVID-19

With travel not an option during COVID lockdowns, many home owners have decided to create their own piece of paradise right at home.  This has created a boom in the construction industry. We thought it would be great to share how Simply Design and Simply Renovate are navigating this boom while maintaining safe practices to keep […]

Bring Joy into our homes!

What brings us joy? For me, if I were to choose one word I would say bubbles! I remember when my daughter was about 3 or 4 years old, she had just finished a temper tantrum and was sitting pouting. I began to blow bubbles. She tried to ignore them, only to start grabbing at […]

My Story Part 3: Starting Over

Part 3 of 3: My Journey into Interior Design & Entrepreneurship It’s Feb 1, 2014. I am on a plane to the Dominican with my family to celebrate my daughters 16th birthday. And I am now jobless. What now?  What do I want to be when I grow up? After weeks of reflection and a […]

My Story Part 2: In Full Circle

Part 2 of 3: My Journey into Interior Design & Entrepreneurship S.K. Designs was in full force now &  I was working part-time in my dad’s shop, focusing on finding more custom clients.  A couple more regular clients were secured: CAD contracts with cabinet shops. I took up insurance underwriting, but that did not last!  […]

My Story Part 1: Doll Houses to Interior Design

Part 1 of 3: My Journey into Interior Design & Entrepreneurship My dad, a cabinet maker; When I was a child he would take me with him to his hobby shop on Sunday’s. I would watch him work, play with the scrap wood bits using them like building block, push the broom around, and eventually […]