Interior Design and Renovation Project Support

Project Support, Commuting to Toronto. High-demand job with long hours. Kids in activities. Fitness routines. Vacations and trips to the Cottage.  This all will be interrupted during a renovation.  Simply Design's project support services will allow you to carry on with your life while your renovation happens.  Whether you just need a tiny bit of support along the way, or want to hop on a plane and return home to a finished renovation, Simply Design acts on your behalf to manage;

  • Shopping days with you to help you make final choice, purchases and get things on order.
  • Ordering of materials and finishes for you.
  • Scheduling deliveries and trades.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • Delivery of signed contracts and payments for materials and trades.
  • Final inspections and deficiency follow up, clarification of details, what is considered acceptable, and organizing completion.
  • Meeting with deliveries and specialized installation teams.
  • Waste management, removal & disposal of demolition waste.
  • Troubleshooting if unforeseen issues occur.
  • Post-completion support.
  • Post-completion clean-up.

Simply Design's project support service will take the pain out of the renovation process, by working for you to make sure all is taken care of in relation to the renovation.  We act on your behalf to keep things on schedule, on budget and moving along smoothly so that you can carry on with your routine without worry.  Customized packages to suit what you need.